Steampunk Events for September 2013

Starting with the tail end of Dragon*Con’s Alternate History Track (featured last month), this fall’s steampunk events season continues with fashion shows and art galleries in London, a continent-wide network of conventions reaching across the UK, Hungary, France and Spain, and many more. With the help of my co-contributor Kevin Steil the Airship Ambassador and this month’s guest contributor Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez aka the Mr. Saturday of Mr. Saturday & Sixpence we bring to you the our monthly listing of steampunk and steam-friendly events from around the world.

Missed seeing your event here? Comment below. Looking to see your future event listed? Email [email protected] before September 15th with the details!

The Airship Ambassador Recommends:

Compass Steampunk Fashion Evening—August 30—London, United Kingdom

Come and be inspired by this spectacular theatrical fashion event, experience wonderful Steampunk characters brought to life, fashions for work, science and invention, exploration and adventure, enjoy exotic drinks and cocktails in an unforgettable night. This event supports a documentary by Joseph Remesar using videos from steampunk fans around the World to promote the Multiculturalism Steampunk and the Eurosteam Day. The documentary is planned to show at the European Steampunk Convention on 28th of September.

Steampunk Ball Virginia City NevadaHigh Desert Steam presents the 3rd Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball & Dr. Belladonna’s Silver City Spectacular—September 14—Piper’s Opera House, Virginia City, NV

The 3rd Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball at Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada will be held Saturday September 14 in conjunction with the Asha World Dancers’ ground-breaking Silver City Spectacular Medicine Show. In addition to this significant expansion, we are also growing the event to include more vendors, bands, dancing, later hours, and events throughout a day-long Steam Invasion of Virginia City! Awaiting you in the historic land-mark masquerading as an operating town full of historic haunts are steam-train rides, gambling, Victorian artifacts, and a host of surprises yet to be unveiled. Ticket prices with a link to buy tickets online are Here.

European Steampunk ConventionESC—European Steampunk Convention—September 28-29—throughout Europe

The continent-wide convention extravaganza! Follow their Blog to keep track of all events: The Grand Pavilion, Matlock, Bath, United Kingdom; MagNet, Budapest, Hungary; Alhambra de Paris, Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; Casa de las Sirenas, Sevilla, Spain; Barcelona, Spain

Pablo also recommends this, adding: “I like big and ambitious projects, especially ones that break the model of what Steampunk conventions should be and while I’ve never had the pleasure of attending it due to the oversized lake between my geographical location and the event locations, I wholeheartedly recommend something this big.”

Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez (Mr Saturday) Recommends:

MasonsMasons on Masons: Liz and Joe Mason Discuss Secret Societies and Steampunk—September 29—Chicago, IL at the Owen Society

One of the things I was always dismayed about when it came to Steampunk was the sheer lack of intellectual discussion in a salon-style environment or even a lecture setting that wasn’t sponsored by some form of official academia or another. Thankfully, for those interested in the esoteric and the non-mundane, The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment, Steampunk’s premier society for the study and practice of the metaphysical and occult sciences, tends to hold such meetings on a regular basis! Their topic this month deals with one I find to be either discussed or joked about in Steampunk culture: Secret Societies! Liz and Joe Mason, noted scholars on the subject, will be delivering what will no doubt be an informative and entertaining lecture on the subject. So, if you’re in Chicago and are wanting a break from all the parties and festivities for a more intellectual and mystical atmosphere, look no further than this talk and any others by the Owen Society!

Waylaid in the Weird West Dinner TheaterWaylaid in the Weird, Weird West Dinner Theater—September 22—Grapevine, TX at the Texas Star Diner

Y’know, my first reaction when seeing that we still do dinner theaters is “Oh, heck yeah! I get to eat and be entertained? Sign me up!” and that should be your reaction as well. The Texas Star Dinner Theater is already known in the area up in Dallas/Fort Worth for being a fantastic murder-mystery theater venue and it’s about time that they went Steampunk. There’s still a murder to solve for this one, of course, but expect some fantastic Steampunk and Wild West antics with characters called Horse Face Jack, Esperanza, Marshal Courtright (I mean, look at that good guy name!) and other fantastic Weird West characters you’ll find amongst you while eating one of the tastiest dinners I’ve seen at these things. Dinner options are varied and they do have a Vegetarian option, plus they might be able to accommodate any dietary restrictions you might have. This is an awesome Steampunk event down here in my wild old Texas, so if you live within the boundaries of this mad state, I hope to see you there!”

Additional Events from Around the World

Ford Theater reunionFord Theatre Reunion at The Southgate House Revival-Sanctuary—September 5th—Newport, KY

Listen: the Ford Theatre Reunion has been on a quest to return sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll to the circus since 2008. Despite the unusual instrumentation, challenging song arrangements, and fanciful dress, even the casual observer will recognize what FTR’s main purpose is: to fuck shit up. Let no one say the accordion cannot devastate buildings and earlobes. Let no one say the clarinet cannot be scary. The Ford Theatre Reunion. We are here to eat you. Get tickets:

Extraordinary ContraptionsThe Extraordinary Contraptions, with Fable Cry and the Future Babies at WonderRoot—September 6—Atlanta, GA

The southern steampunk rock ’n’ roll band The Extraordinary Contraptions takes on WonderRoot, with fellow bands Fable Cry and The Future Babies. Tickets are $5, doors open at 8:30 PM, show starts at 9 PM sharp.

Victoriana Art of RevivalVictoriana: The Art of Revival Exhibit at the Guildhall Art Gallery—Opens September 7 through December 8, 2013—London, England, United Kingdom

From the macabre to the quaint, the sensational to the surreal, ‘Victoriana: The Art of Revival’ is the first-ever exhibition in the UK to offer a major retrospective of Victorian revivalism in all its guises. Featuring graphic design, film, photography, ceramics, taxidermy, furniture, textiles and fine art, this fascinating multi-media, multi-sensory show at the Guildhall Art Gallery, provided by the City of London Corporation, explores the work of contemporary artists who have been inspired by the 19th century and offers an intriguing perspective into the on-going cultural legacy of our Victorian forebears.

The Guildhall Art Gallery, has built a reputation for its outstanding collection of Victorian paintings and this new exhibition offers an original dimension to the gallery’s exhibition programme by bringing together 28 major contemporary artists, including Yinka Shonibare, Grayson Perry, Paula Rego, Dan Hillier, Paul St. George, Rob Ryan, Kitty Valentine and Jake and Dinos Chapman, who encapsulate the essence and diversity of Victorian Revivalism.

Fish Dirigible3rd Annual “Go Fly a Dirigible” Day—September 7—Harkness State Memorial Park in Waterford, CT

Bring your steampunk, Bring a kit, bring a picnic, bring the kids! This event is not totally free; you will need to pay to enter the park, but it is totally worth it. Follow our Facebook for further details.

Capron Park Attleboro Massachussetts6th Annual New England Steampunk Picnic—September 14—Capron Zoo & Park in Attleboro, MA

Come join us for the 6TH Annual New England Steampunk Picnic! Yes, it was only 5 years ago that the first Picnic was held in Springfield, MA! The decision to choose this site was based on finding a place more in the middle of the New England area. Costume is not necessary, but encouraged…keep in mind denim jeans are Steampunk and period-correct clothing! We usually have a good turnout, and conversation is encouraged. This is not a commercial event, but should you wish to bring things to show & tell or otherwise sell, you are welcome to do so, with the usual cautions. More information about the location is available on Facebook (link above) or on the Steampunk Empire.

Assembled Markets SomervilleTime Assembly: Steampunk Squared—September 21—Assembly Row in Somerville, MA

This ‘more-than-an-arts-market’ will feature ModVic’s Wonderful World of Steampunk Art & Design Tent including the premier of the Vernuvian ‘Sub Human’ Man, a viliage of Steampunk Vendors, performances by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, and Frenchy and the Punk, demonstrations by FutureFixers and a talk by Bruce on Steampunk design. The event will flow into the annual Riverfest and will wrap up with fireworks on the Mystic River

Raising SteamRaising Steam—September 21—22—Reading, England, United Kingdom

An indoor festival that features 12 bands/artists across 2 days. Tickets cost from £35 for the weekend and £20 for the day. It is being used to raise awareness of (and hopefully some funds for) New Futures Nepal, a charity that looks after disabled and disadvantaged young children in Nepal.

Saturday the line up is: Miss Von Trapp; Thy Last Drop; The Mysterious Freakshow; Crimson Clocks; Tom Slatter; Metropolis. Sunday the line up is: Helicopter Quartet; Montague Jacques Fromage/STEAMPUNKFUNK BIZARRE; Birthrite; Gladstone; The Mechanisms. On the Sunday morning there will also be some splendid Tea Duelling, don’t you know, as well.

Ay-leen the Peacemaker works at Tor Books, runs the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana, pens academic things, and tweets.

Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez is the more spontaneous half of the Mr. Saturday and Sixpence comedy duo, this universe’s prime space-time bending vaudevillian gentlemen-for-hire. He is the co-founder of the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association and co-chair of Texas’ first steampunk convention Aetherfest.


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