Morning Roundup: Was There a What If? Comic About This?

Tumblr user Animateher posted this wonderful screenshot from Netflix, which is possibly the greatest description of The Avengers we’ve ever seen. Presumably the Hulk has to be one of the frogs, given the green color palette and all, and obviously Thor’s the puppy, with that cute scrunched-up face and floppy hair. And maybe, as Animateher suggests, the Ferris wheel is alcohol, the firefly is Tony Stark, and this is all a coded message about addiction? Or is the “firefly” actually Serenity, making the Ferris wheel the constant pressure from fans wanting Firefly to come back, even though Joss Whedon has moved on to new projects, such as, um, The Avengers?

Morning Roundup can offer no answers. What we can offer is a tribute to Bill Watterson, the true history of the theremin, and a couple of Doctor Who actors snogging.


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