Morning Roundup: Here Are Your Dragons!

So there are two possibilities here.

1.) H.P. Lovecraft got what he wanted for his birthday last week: an eldritch horror that is the first wave of a phalanx of Ancients. Or,

2.) George R.R. Martin got what he wished for his birthday (it’s in a couple of weeks—nobody else get him that House Stark direwolf mug!) and this is the first wave of a phalanx of dragons.

Either way, this fish-beast washed up on a beach in Spain, and was greeted with comparisons to the Loch Ness Monster—which is patently ridiculous. The Loch Ness Monster lives in a landlocked loch in Scotland. How did it get to Spain? Do you honestly think this thing could make it through airport security in the UK? Our money’s still on dragon. So, happy early-birthday, Mr. Martin!

Today’s Morning Roundup has many wonderful things to take your mind off the coming dragon-invasion, including ghostly sharks, a school for death, and the greatest beers of science fiction.


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