Archer‘s Dr. Krieger is Spending His Summer Creating Monsters

While we eagerly await new adventures from super spy Sterling Archer and his co-workers at ISIS, it appears that highly unethical “doctor” Krieger has been spending his summer kicking back and creating clone monsters!

It was a happy day when the office stumbled across this Facebook account for the good doctor, which has been periodically updated with Krieger’s progress and adventures. Check them out below.

Each update comes with a picture and some accompanying text. Over the summer, it appears that Krieger has been having quite the adventure.


Archer Dr. Krieger summer monsters

“Day 042- I’ve resisted giving them names. Like when you foster dogs.”


Archer Dr. Krieger summer monsters

“Day 070- The clones are learning at an exponential rate. Soon! Soon I’ll have someone to play Risk against.”


Archer Dr. Krieger summer monsters

“Day 084- Perhaps using Mogwai DNA to fill in the genome gaps was a mistake?”


Archer Dr. Krieger summer monsters

“Day 098- I should have expected this. There comes a time in every child’s life when they feel the urge to murder their own parents.”


Archer Dr. Krieger summer monsters

“Day 112- I’ve sealed myself in my laboratory so I can complete my second greatest experiment, and also possibly live.”


Archer Dr. Krieger summer monsters

“Day 126- This looked way less copyright-infringy in the schematics.”

Let’s hope Iron Krieger can triumph over his monster clones! Or, if he doesn’t, that one of his monster clones can be just as entertaining as Krieger has been….

Oh look, there’s some slides from Pam’s summer vacation, too!


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