Avril Lavigne Music Video Creates Steampunk SharkBear Comics Genre. Yes(?)

Okay, so we’re all confused as to how Avril Lavigne is still a thing, since her skater-girl-teen-queen years have passed, but if she’s determined to hold that throne… well, no one’s going to take it from her, so that’s okay?

While most of us geeks would normally be ambivalent to her progress as an artist(e), one can’t help but notice that her new music video contains a strange mondo-mixture of… well, “nerd-cred” was already a passe term on inception, so I’m just going to say that you should watch the “Rock N Roll” music video at least once.

In the video (you can ignore the song, really, it’s just distracting from Lavigne’s roll as Earthly savior, I think), watch Avril get paralyzed by the sight of a lobster mere moments after batting a baby away with a tin tray. She knows an alcoholic dog who drives, is friends with Danica McKellar (that’s growed up Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years), and has to fight a SharkBear to save the rock genre… from hipsters? It’s not quite clear who she’s saving rock from, actually, but it probably does need saving, so she’s at least in the public service game these days.

There’s a guitar-saw, a gang of lady misfits, a steampunk Segway rocket that blasts an approving Billy Zane out of the atmosphere, and Avril and Winnie Cooper kiss because youth is about sexual exploration or perhaps just because they’re buddies and that’s totally not shocking these days, okay?

It’s almost like Sucker Punch, if that film had been about disaffected rockers. And less creepy.

Am I wrong for enjoying this? Honestly, I cannot be bothered to care either way. It’s fun, and if I had lots of money to make my own music videos, I’d fight a SharkBear and kiss Winnie Cooper, too.

Emmet Asher-Perrin just wants to stop a crowd of people with the cry of LOBSTER. Please, let her do this.


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