Morning Roundup: We Always Suspected Leonard Nimoy Signed Autographs in Blood

Artist Sergio Mora’s work is informed by his refusal to settle for reality. In his paintings, pop culture icons like E.T. stand beside the Mona Lisa, sugar skulls, and rooster-headed men in boxing matches. His work has been exhibited all over the world, and draws on many artistic traditions, but our personal favorites come from his series on the bravest little Vulcan of them all, Mr. Spock. Here we see Spock preparing to sign a paper presented to him by a large group of E.T.s. Presumably he is using a human’s blood because green wouldn’t show up as well? Or Perhaps he and his fellow non-Earthlings have finally decided to use their superior logic and plant-healing skills to subjugate the human race.

Today’s Morning Roundup features an extra-morose Charlie Brown, plus an interview with Chris Ware, some of Alfred Pennyworth’s greatest moments, and a dog who loves Spock as much as we do—read on!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby thinks the guitar solo in “How Soon is Now?” should be in every song.

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