Morning Roundup Wants to Go Where the Magically-Disguised Alleys Have No Name

Old Red Jalopy is an illustrator and designer who likes to play with pop cultural images (check out the series on Seinfeld movie posters) so when decided to take Wizard Rock to its logical conclusion, they commissioned ORJ to reimagine some classic album covers. The results are pretty fabulous, although we’d much rather see Luna in the David Bowie role, Ron’s red hair not withstanding. Also, we have to point out a giant omission—where’s the ZZ Top homage? The epic beards of Hagrid and Dumbledore have been wasted.

But hey, today’s Morning Roundup features all the beard you’ll ever need! We also have news about upcoming projects from Chris Carter, Neill Blomkamp, and Tina Fey, and the best possible version of Batman.


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