Styling Your Hair the Game of Thrones Way

The hairstyles of Game of Thrones are serious business. Arya’s bob helps her disguise herself as a boy—at least for a little while. Sansa is able to quietly signal her shifts in loyalty and blend in at King’s Landing by mimicking the styles of more secure ladies, until she finally starts borrowing tips from Margaery Tyrell. Cersei’s piles of braids verge on the ridiculous, but serve as a constant trend-setting crown, while Dany’s simple style (seen here) keeps her hair out of her eyes so she can espy all of the lands and peoples she will conquer.

Tumblr-er Winduptoy has a wonderful collection of Game of Thrones images and gifs, but the hair styles are our favorite-and her site gets extra points for its soundtrack, which evokes the calming mood of a spa. More styling tips await below!

Is that Melisandre’s natural color? Only the Lord of Light knows for sure, but the intricate bun looks amazing! We can’t believe she finds the time to do it each day before terrorizing unbelievers.

Game of Thrones hairstyles how-to Melisandre

Seemingly the Lord of Light willing to wait on worship session while she tousles her hair for that perfect wavy look? And then there’s Sansa, who uses her hair as a form of self-expression—practically the only one she has. 

Game of Thrones hairstyles how-to Sansa

Here are a few more tutorials, so whether you prefer House Lannister or House Tyrell, your hair will look fabulous.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of What about boys’ hair in Westeros? Forget it. The boys are lucky if they get hair. Or heads.


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