BBC’s Atlantis Poised to Be the Next Hercules: The Legendary Journeys?

The first poster for BBC’s Atlantis has arrived, and it prompts… questions. So many questions. Such as why that giant minotaur is hanging out behind a fiery explosion. Or why a young Fred Flinstone is fleeing the flames when we thought he was lost in the Battle of Bedrock all those centuries ago. Or what Atlantis could possibly be, at this rate. We already had one situated by a Stargate not so long ago, after all.

In their now-tradition of one word titled shows, the BBC has a brand new adventures series to fill in its Merlin gap this year, and that series is Atlantis. While Merlin was set on re-exlporing Arthurian legend, this show will focus more on Greek mythology. The central character is Jack Donnelly’s Jason (presumably of Agronaut fame, though this might take place before that whole chestnut), and his arrival at Atlantis is set to stir some things up.

Sort of like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys? Gosh, I hope so.

The one bright star in the center of all this is showrunner Howard Overman. Overman’s ITV drama Misfits is a superb take on superheroes, and the episodes he penned for Merlin were among the best the show had to offer. With him at the helm, perhaps Atlantis will be good ol’ family fun that everyone can enjoy. Time will tell come September….


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