Morning Roundup: Buzz Lightyear’s OK Cupid Picture is Misleading

We imagine that if Buzz Lightyear turned out the way his concept sketch rendered him (above, right), he probably would have used a different picture (like the one on the left) when creating his profiles for online dating sites. Turns out, there are lots of characters who came out looking nothing like they were conceived, and designtaxi has a great compilation of them…

Today’s roundup features embarrassing dating profiles of people you know. Not really. That would require some serious legwork on our part, and we’re too busy hunting dinosaurs in the future right now.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby had an OK Cupid profile for a while too. Stubby may have gone on a date with Buzz Lightyear…. Yeah, it didn’t work out.

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