Morning Roundup: The Joker is Quite Comfortable with Surrealism

One of the best things about geek culture is the constant mash-ups. Taking an established piece of art and jamming it into another can help us think about our culture in new ways, question older art forms, and cast favorite films and books in a new light. Plus, the art that comes out of these is just cool!  Take, for instance, artist ben6835. Rather than being content with René Magritte’s Son of Man, Ben (we hope we can call you Ben) created this gorgeous image of the Joker, replacing Magritte’s iconic apple with a playing card that has become just as symbolic in some circles.

Today’s Morning Roundup is a cornucopia of greatness, overflowing with Spider-Man and ducks and liquored-up science journalists and MUPPETS. So read on!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby wants you to paint it like one of your French girls.


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