Like a Rhinestone Wookiee? This Star Wars Disco Production Is Clearly From the Dark Side

What do you think of when you think of Star Wars? If you said, cowboys, flappers, and glowing pink motorcycles gangs, then you probably don’t visit this site often enough! Also: you have never seen Star Wars. Which is the only explanation we’ve come up with for the travesty that is Dutch TV show TopPop’s disco Star Wars production. We guess the cowboy could work—Han’s sort of a space-cowboy-ish figure, like an even cooler Shane roaming the galaxy righting wrongs (eventually) and kissing princesses. And we’ll allow for the fact that Meco’s Star Wars disco album is maybe not the easiest thing to adapt to the screen. But how does setting a Charleston number to “Cantina Band” help? How does that even make sense?

Are we overthinking this? Or not thinking about it enough?

Anyway, courtesy of Dutch TV, the 1970s, and (presumably) some sort of chemical enhancement, experience the horror of Star Wars disco:

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot and occasionally random voice of Stubby is so confused right now, you guys.


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