Morning Roundup: You Knooo Nooothin’ San Diegooooo.

Deep down, we all knew that Kit Harington could really rock the Lisa Frank-style direwolf puppy T-shirt. But we’d rather see him wearing a glittery rainbow dragon shirt to honor his new role in How To Train Your Dragon 2. This past weekend at SDCC, Harington took part in the “Brave New Warriors” panel with Matt Smith and Steven Yeun, as well as the Game of Thrones extravaganza.

Below you’ll find a Morning Roundup stuffed with more news from the Con, plus some general awesomeness concerning Star Wars, Neil Gaiman, and romance from the future! Read on!

  • And here (via what’s trending) is Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Doc Hammer) dispensing advice to Amanda Bynes:


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