Who Were Those Masked Men? 4 Celebs That Hid on the SDCC Floor

Celebrities need nerd tchotchkes, too! And maybe they just want a little peace and anonymity while they’re perusing the steampunk watches or that map of the internet or that 1/364th bust of Godzilla.

Or maybe they just want to freak you out, Bryan Cranston. Below are stories from some of the TV and movie celebs who hid on the San Diego Comic Con floor this year.

So who admitted to hiding?


Matt Smith (Doctor Who)

The Eleventh Doctor put on a giant Bart Simpson mask and took a walk with a BBC America film crew, looking for silly Doctor Who toys. The audience appears to be catching on to him near the end there.


Adam Savage (Mythbusters)

Adam Savage Admiral Ackbar SDCC 2013

Photo by Norman Chan

Adam Savage went all out for his con-hiding, rigging up a detailed Admiral Ackbar costume (with swiveling fish eyeballs!) with the help of costume maker Frank Ippolito. Ironically, he might have been stopped more often for photos as Ackbar than he would have been otherwise. You can see the entire gallery by Norman Chan here.

Later in the con Adam tried the opposite tactic, cosplaying as himself with 75 other Adam Savage cosplayers. We can only hope that Adam Savage and the Savage Adams came in peace. Here’s a video of them proliferating:


Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Godzilla)

Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad SDCC 2013

As if Heisenberg wasn’t scary enough, Bryan Cranston spent some time on Sunday walking around San Diego Comic Con with a disturbingly realistic Walter White mask on.

He even walked on to the Breaking Bad panel with it in place, letting fans know just what it would be like if Cranston peeled his own face off. He spoke to it during the panel, as well, and eventually he and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman on the show) made out with it. There’s lots of amazing photos of it on, of all places, Business Insider. (Above photo by Karson Tager.)


Hugh Jackman (X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine)

No photos of this one, but Hugh Jackman bragged during Fox’s panel that he wandered around the Comic Con floor in his Wolverine duds and no one called him out. (Well, that’s not specifically true. One person said that Jackman’s costume was good but that his Wolverine was “too tall.”)


Honorable mention: Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy)

Karen Gillan bald Guardians of the Galaxy San Diego Comic Con

Karen Gillan wasn’t necessarily in disguise on the Comic Con floor, but she did have a surprise for everyone during the Marvel Studios panel. The newly bald, former Amy Pond fooled everyone, including The Daily Mail’s red carpet reporter, which tagged a photo of her in her wig as Karen “show[ing] off a shorter ’do.”


And these are only the ones we know of! If you spotted or heard of other sci-fi/fantasy folks wandering around in disguise, let us know in the comments!

Chris Lough is the production manager of Tor.com and is currently disguised as hungry.


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