Yes, They Had Sex. 8 Awesome Things From the X-Files 20th Anniversary Reunion

The undeniably nerdy chemistry Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) have was on full display at San Diego Comic Con’s X-Files 20th anniversary reunion panel. As if that wasn’t enough, show creator Chris Carter and a huge selection of the show’s producers and writers—including Vince “Breaking Bad” Gilligan—were on hand to celebrate, reminisce, flirt…

…and reveal just what happened in the world of The X-Files in 2012. Here are 8 awesome things that happened in the reunion.

1.) The promised 2012 invasion happened.

One of the first questions Chris Carter addressed was the alien invasion that was threatened in the show for December 2, 2012. Many fans were let down by 2008’s I Want To Believe for not addressing what is perhaps the X-Files largest lingering plot point, and when the actual date came and went without any other X-Files movie, show, or book, the climax seemed like it would never materialize.

“They came,” said Carter. “And they’re delaying their entrance.”

This show, you guys.

2.) There is a Mulder/Scully sex scene we’ve never seen.

Gillian Anderson revealed that a sex scene between Scully and Mulder was shot, but it was never aired (either on the show or in the movies). Neither actor is entirely certain what happened between their characters.

3.) Anderson and Duchovny are totally up for more X-Files.

Duchovny, in fact, doesn’t really want to work on anything else with Anderson besides more X-Files, citing their relationship from the show as sacred. He has always been up for more X-Files projects, though, saying, “I always thought whenever we can come back together, we would, as much as we can. So we will.”

Anderson is up for returning as Scully but only if it’s as a film, immediately rejecting the idea of a limited series on TV.

4.) So…will there be a third movie?

Everyone seems up for it, but Chris Carter continually dodged questions about it. If there’s an idea that excites them, though…

5.) Tooms is a favorite baddie amongst the crew.

It’s not hard to see why.

6.) Mulder and Scully are both really cheap dates.

The very first question from the audience was what would happen if we had seen a date between Mulder and Scully. According to the two actors… sex. Then maybe dinner.

7.) Scully really makes women want to learn more about physics.

Anderson related how she is often approached by women who tell her they’ve gone into physics as a result of growing up watching Anderson play Scully on TV, and that there is apparently a textbook somewhere out there that calls this rise in female enrollment “the Scully bump.”

8.) The X-Files could very easily air today.

Aside from the now-there-is-internet thing, show creator Chris Carter thinks that the concept of The X-Files would be just as relevant now as it was when the show first aired, stating that conspiracy and suspicion are still rampant today.

As the panel went on everyone got in-depth about their favorite aspects of the show, certain episodes, the Lone Gunmen, and much, much more. You can read a comprehensive recap of the reunion by Daniel Feinberg here on Hitfix.

Panel photo by fronkensteen. Check out her Instagram for lots more pics from the panel.

Want more X-Files? Check out our insightful X-Files rewatch by Meghan Deans. (She’s actually gotten all the way to season 9, bless her.)

Chris Lough is the production manager of and left the discussion about ass genies for you to discover.


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