Matt Smith Wants the Doctor to Regenerate Into A Woman

There was a panel last night at San Diego Comic Con featuring Doctor Who’s Matt Smith, Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington, and The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun… yeah, basically that’s all you need to know how mercilessly adorable it was.

Oh, you wanted details? Well, alright then—

There were lots of little gems, but our favorites were perhaps when Harington and Smith were asked how they would each like their respective characters to die in Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. Harington’s reponse was full of high hopes for dear Jon Snow—that he would want him to die of old age with his head resting on the Iron Throne. I think he may have forgotten what books dear Jon heralds from.

But Smith had the best response yet, saying “golden light would pour out of me then I’d turn into a woman!” That’s right, the Eleventh Doctor wants the Twelfth Doctor to be a lady. Never change, Matt Smith. (Smith is having a lot of fun with this speculation this weekend. Check out these other clips via Blastr of Smith teasing fans about a female Doctor.)

Steven Yeun also got to talk about The Walking Dead’s more, erm, interesting fans. It would seem he’s actually been chased down zombie-style by one of them? We’re hard-pressed to come up with something scarier than that.

Matt Smith Kit Harrington SDCC 2013 Steven Yeun

Kit and Matt at one point proceeded to go on about their less appealing attributes. (They have them?) When asked what he had in common with Jon Snow, Harington admitted that he could be pretty emo. Poor lamb. Smith admitted to not knowing a darn thing about modern technology: “I’m not a Tweeter or Facebooker or ’grammer. I’m a real grump about technology.”

I think what he meant to say was that he was “Mr. Grumpyface” about technology.

However, we have the full panel below, thanks to the technology of Youtube, so there must be some use for it. And now, Mr. Grumpyface!

Pictures from Twitter user: smdnyc


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