The Legend of Korra Will Return This September

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Korra fans have waited for over a year for word on when The Legend of Korra will return and this year’s San Diego Comic Con panel did not disappoint, opening with a trailer for the next season, Book 2: Spirits that touted the series return to Nickelodeon this September.

The trailer featured a variety of elements from the forthcoming season, including The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun as Wan Shi Tong, the first Avatar, as seen in the spirit world. Wan, the original Avatar who lived 10,000 years before Korra, will also feature in flashback and will be seen entering the Avatar state. (Apparently his companion is a sure-to-be magnificent cat-deer named Mula.) Follow the Korra live blog at Hypable for more details on what the season 2 footage contains! (Warning! The first episode was also screened and features a shocking development between Tenzin and Korra! Read at your own peril.)

Watch the trailer:

Rumor has it that IGN will be live-streaming the first episode at 5 PM EST on their site, as well.


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