Nathan Fillion Gives Us Permission to Fly Serenity (er, on GPS)

Are you driving this summer? Perhaps you’re bored with normal GPS navigation images, and you’d like to make your roadtrip a little more epic? The site Geeks are Sexy used one of the images provided by Garmin Heaven, and turned their car into a TARDIS! You can do almost anything with your car’s avatar, like converting it into, um, Avatar, or the Millennium Falcon, a Cylon ship, two different Batmobiles, a lightcycle, or even Wall-E and Eve. (We must decry their deplorable lack of rocketships, however.)

Serenity fan/Twitter user Greg H. told Nathan Fillion, who quickly found Serenity and posted the result, which was when Geeks are Sexy decided to give it a Whovian spin. No one mentioned if you have to hit 88 mph to turn your avatar into the Delorean option, though, and we’re still wondering if the Bird of Prey has a cloaking device…

So if you have to do any driving this summer, make things a bit cooler by piloting a classic SFF ship. And don’t use the six-pack—that just seems like a terrible idea.


Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of You cannot rent Stubby the Rocket but even if you could it would not come standard with GPS because ADVENTURE!


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