Morning Roundup: The Wheel of Time Turns and Ages Come and Go, But LEGO is Forever

Rand al’Thor looks so pissed to be a minifig! We think it might be because his hand popped off and he can’t find it in the pile of LEGO pieces.

This great rendition of The Wheel of Time in LEGO comes courtesy of Vladimir van Hoek, who created an entire LEGO-scape of the characters and setting of the Field of Merrilor, the deciding battlefield in Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s A Memory of Light. Check out his Perrin, his Mat, Egwene, well, everyone is pretty much spot on. We hope he tackles Shayol Ghul!

And as long as we’re celebrating this LEGO-scape, why don’t we also take a look at LEGO Middle-earth? And LEGO Westeros! Dare we suggest…LEGO Arrakis? We demand LEGO Earthsea! Bring us LEGO Ged!

Read on to discover LEGO-free comics suggestions, listen to some haunting Joss Whedon-inspired music, and, oh yeah, zombies.

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