Morning Roundup Will Unleash Its Claws and Get You Back to Your Door!

Listen, Disney, we know that you’re jealous of the the awesomeness parade that will be X-Men Days of Future Past (which just got moved up to a May 2014 release) but that doesn’t mean you should apply that formula to the Pixar universe. (Also, imagine if all Pixar movies took place in the same universe? EVERYTHING WOULD BE ABLE TO TALK BACK TO YOU.) This bleak future comes to you courtesy of Mike Henderson.

Your morning roundup is breaking down every Pixar film into easy to discern charts, exploring Captain America’s hygiene routines, and naming actual lanes after Neil Gaiman books.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby once wrestled with scissors and ended up blowing up Praxis? It was weird.


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