True Blood Returns for a Sixth Season

Get ready, Fangers. HBO’s Southern-fried vampire drama True Blood returns with new episodes this Sunday.

Scream-queen Anna Paquin reprises her role as Sookie Stackhouse, the fairy waitress of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Picking up right where season five left off, with her former lover Bill transformed into a supervamp after drinking the blood of the first vampire, Lillith, Sookie is on the run with her brother Jason, her best friend Tara, and her other former lover Eric Northman (the hideously deformed Alexander Skarsgård) All of them are caught in the middle of an full-on human vs. undead war.

New to the bloody madness is genre luminary Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Ladyhawke, a million other movies) as a relation to Sookie and Jason, Jurnee Smollett (Friday Night Lights, Eve’s Bayou) as a vampire rights activist, and Arliss Howard as the new Govenor of Louisiana with a very anti-vamp stance.

Not new to True Blood, a bunch of hot people ripping off their clothes dramatically, as seen in the below (work-safe) trailer:


True Blood premieres this Sunday at 9P.M. E/PT on HBO.

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