Emma Watson to Star in “Lady Game of Thrones” Films

It looks as though Emma Watson is headed back to the fantasy genre with a vengeance! After nabbing the lead in Guillermo del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast, she has now picked up another fantasy heroine that she can add to her to her tool belt. Watson will be re-teaming with Harry Potter producer David Heyman to star in the fantasy film Queen of the Tearling. This film will be based on a trilogy of books… that have not been released yet. But there are more details!

The Queen of the Tearling is a new book series by Erika Johansen that was bought by HarperCollins not too long ago. It would seem that Johansen was inspired to create the character Watson will be playing after hearing a speech given by President Obama in 2007 (he was a senator at that point, of course). No idea which speech, unfortunately, as it might give us a clue as to what this lady is all about.

Tearling is being called “female Game of Thrones,” which is sort of confusing, in that it needs some clarification. After all, the Song of Ice and Fire series has many female characters in it. Does this mean that women will hold most of the power in the series? That all of the central figures will be female? Does it refer more to the style of the world than anything else? No matter what, we’re curious…

The Queen of Tearling won’t be released until 2014, though. Which means that this movie is probably a while off, but we can all theorize wildly about its content, since we have some idea of what the book will be about. Variety claims it is “set three centuries after an environmental catastrophe when a malevolent Red Queen holds considerable power.”

Mostly, we’re excited because Watson is listed as the Executive Producer. Go, Hermione!


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