Captain America is Gonna School the White Witch of Narnia in Snowpiercer‘s First Trailer!

Here is the first trailer from Snowpiecer, starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, John Hurt, and many other people that you know and love. It is set in (say it with us) a post-apocolyptic future where there was another Ice Age-like event, and the only people left are traveling on a train that divides them by class.

We are pretty sure that Chris Evans is in this because every Avengers actor was required to enter a pact where they each made one movie with Tilda Swinton. We are okay with this. We are less okay with the dialogue, which does not inspire much confidence. But who knows! This could be awesome, and will at least help us think cool thoughts this summer. What do you think?


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