Download Two Free Extra Stories from John Scalzi’s The Human Division

Now that John Scalzi’s 13-episode The Human Division is available in print and ebook form, Tor Books is offering a free download of two extra stories centered around the events of the latest installment in the Old Man’s War universe!

Download the extras—available in epub, mobi, and PDF formats here:

EPUB (84 KB)

MOBI (240 KB)

PDF (580 KB)

Just picked up the book itself? Check in with Ron Hogan’s spoiler-free read-along after each episode! Once you’re done, you can chat with other Old Man’s War and John Scalzi fans about what you’d like to see in a second season of The Human Division. Happy reading!

(Note: If you’re getting an “invalid token” response or other hiccup from the site, try logging in through the home page first, then accessing the Human Division extras.)


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