New Man of Steel Trailer is Intense, All About Zod

Warner Bros. has released a new (possibly final) trailer for Man of Steel that essentially serves as a message from Zod to Kal-El and the people of the Earth. If we don’t surrender our greatest hero, he will destroy us. It’s… a little intense.

Watch the new trailer below! And check out our rundown of the new prequel comic, which reveals some of the backstory behind Krypton and how Clark discovers the legacy of his people.


Some cool things we liked from the trailer:

New Man of Steel trailer

Um excuse me but Superman was trying to read please don't laser blast

New Man of Steel trailer

Ursa figures prominently in the trailer

New Man of Steel trailer

Zod's looking a little less greasy

New Man of Steel trailer

Superman rushes Lois to safety

New Man of Steel trailer

But also? She totally gets a space suit!

New Man of Steel trailer

Dream sequence? Something more? Either way it doesn't look good.


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