Announcing the 2013 Spectrum Fantastic Art Awards

The 20th Spectrum Fantastic Art Awards were announced this evening at the awards ceremony at Spectrum Live, a weekend long celebration of fantastic art, in Kansas City. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!


Gold: Dan Dos Santos, Dragon Empress
Silver: Android Jones, Ganeshatron

Craig Elliott, Forest Awakening
Michael C. Hayes, Procession
Greg Ruth, Three Outlaw Samurai


Gold: David Palumbo, Fed
Silver:Charles Vess, Tanglewood: I Didn’t Know She Was a Bottle Witch

Brom, Wipi
William O’Connor, Wargriffin
Shaun Tan, Never Leave a Red Sock on the Clothesline


Gold: Paolo Rivera, Daredevil #10
Silver: David Petersen, Mouse Guard Black Axe #4, Page 19
Jennifer L. Meyer, Aesop’s Ark, Ch. 2, P2
Paolo Rivera, Captain America #1
João Ruas, Fables #121

Concept Art:

Gold: Allen Willams, Tree of Tales
Silver: Daniel Dociu, Guild Wars 2, Norn Lodge
Theo Prins, Southsun Cove
Paul Sullivan, Franken-animal
Justin Sweet


Gold: Virginie Ropars, Acanthopis III
David Meng, Sashimi
Dan Chudzinski, Turbulence
Virginie Ropars, Mothra
Katya Tal, Blanket Fairy


Gold: Sam Bosma, Stability
Silver: Sam Weber, Cancer Monster

Chris Buzelli, Book Monster
Sean Andrew Murray, He’s Gone Full-Bird
Victo Ngai, Best of the Best


Gold: Kekai Kotaki, Stampede
Silver: Lucas Graciano, Dragon Swarm

Ed Binkley,  A Cob of Chiseldon-Brimble
Tyler Jacobson, Ruric Thar, The Unbowed
David Palumbo, Taken


Gold: Cory Godbey,  The Fish Master
Silver: Andrew Mar,  Tell-Tale Heart

Lucas Graciano, Guardianship
Kekai Kotaki, Ride
Tohru Patrick, Awa, Sudden Shower

And the 2013 Grand Master award goes to Brom!

Special thanks to Tara Larson Chang and Shena Wolf for this post.


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