The Thing You Were Afraid Would Happen in Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Totally Happening

Spider-Man looks pretty sad there. Probably because recent set photos reveal that an event will come to pass that fans have been wondering about since a certain character first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man. (No, not a remake of Raimi’s third Spider-Man film.)

Spoilers below for the film and comics, of course.

We have all been worried about Peter Parker’s love interest, the ever-fashionable and clever Gwen Stacy. (Made even more fashionable and clever by Emma Stone’s portrayal.) Those who have read the comics or are clued in about Spider-Man’s history know that Gwen does not make it very far into Peter Parker’s story, and that this loss is a major defining moment in comics history. Like Uncle Ben’s death, “The Night Gwen Stacy Died,” is a seminal moment in Spider-Man’s story.

The emergence of Mary Jane in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 film was cause for worry enough, and now we have some pretty haunting proof that Gwen is not likely to live past the second film.

This particular Gwen costume was spotted on Emma Stone via Superhero Hype:

And the damning evidence? Take a look at panels from the comic where Gwen dies:

That’s… not looking too good. Damn you, amazing costume designer! We’re already steeling ourselves for heartbreak over here. Obviously we’re excited to see Peter meet Mary Jane and get to know her, but Gwen rocked the last movie. We’ll be sad to lose her.

Via /Film.


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