Has An Incriminating Chair Solved the Doctor Who Clara Mystery?


A lot of Whovians around the net have noticed that Clara Oswin Oswald has something in common with a previous Doctor Who character we may have forgotten about!

Click below the link for a possible, totally speculative spoiler.

Is Clara actually Jenny, the Doctor’s manufactured daughter from the eponymous episode “The Doctor’s Daughter”?

An eagle-eyed Doctor Who fan recently noticed that the chair from Jenny’s shuttle at the end of that episode is the same as the chair in Clara’s crashed ship from “Asylum of the Daleks.”

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Mystery solved

Jenny was killed at the end of that episode, but then regenerated, unbeknownst to the Doctor. Here’s some for/against points regarding the theory.

For: Jenny regenerated into herself, so she basically didn’t regenerate, she just Healed After A While. Even though she has two hearts and Gallifreyan DNA.

Against: Why would Jenny regenerate into another woman?

For: Maybe she does if the damage is too great to heal.

For: And since she’s human with a dash of Time Lord and therefore an unknown entity, maybe when she regenerates into a new person she loses the memories from her previous incarnation.

Against: Clara’s died twice. Why would she forget the previous Clara memories if Jenny didn’t forget her memories from “The Doctor’s Daughter”?

Against: Also Clara got super super exploded in “Asylum of the Daleks,” to a point that not even the Doctor would regenerate from.

For: The chair! The chair is the same!

Against: They might be just re-using props.

For: The revelation that she’s the Doctor’s daughter would have a dramatic, emotional impact on the Doctor, which is what you want an overarching mystery like this to do.

Against: But it doesn’t make sense.

For: But you can handwave it with one line.

For: And it’s Doctor Who and Steven Moffat, so….

Ryan Britt is a longtime contributor to Tor.com and is really Jenny.

Chris Lough is the production manager of Tor.com is really Clara.


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