These Maps of the TARDIS Interior Are Maddening, Beautiful

Doctor Who episode “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” recently gave us a look inside the Doctor’s infinitely-sized ship, a look that viewers had been waiting almost 50 years to see. And while the events of the episode would defy any sane cartographer’s efforts, the attempt nevertheless must be made.

Towards that end, check out these maps of the TARDIS interior created by alibi factory for the Doctor Who Fic LiveJournal group. She begins with the old console room, i.e. the most physically definable space, then imagines other chambers that reside within, including the Library, the complex that contains the Swimming Pool, and so much more.

The images begin as maps but soon expand outward into a conceptual art exhibit, beautiful and non-sensical, which is perhaps the only way one can navigate an infinitely-sized living machine with whims and worries of its own.

Click any image to see it full-size:

TARDIS interior maps Doctor Who


TARDIS interior maps Doctor Who


TARDIS interior maps Doctor Who


TARDIS interior maps Doctor Who


TARDIS interior maps Doctor Who

You can see more TARDIS map images here, including file versions that you can create prints from. Download a PDF brochure of the map collection here.

Chris Lough is the production manager of, is fairly certain that the art of criticism is bigger on the inside, and is not entirely sure he’s in favor of that.


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