JordanCon 2013: An Interim Report

Greetings to from the wilds of Atlanta, where JordanCon Five is full steam ahead! As Toastmaster this year, I am currently running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but I wanted to pop in and give y’all one very important piece of news.

Which is: my Re-read commenters are AWESOME.

Click the jump to see why!

First of all, no less than thirty-five folks from the Wheel of Time Re-read have shown up, which is just an absolutely amazing show of solidarity.

Second, they treated me to a lovely dinner last night, at which everyone passed around copies of A Memory of Light and got everyone else to sign. Lookit:

Dinner, of course, included a froofy ridiculous (and delicious) cocktail for moi:

And then I got swag! Swag specially made for the re-readers at the con. Re-reader Insectoid gave everyone handmade buttons with our username and icon on it, which was lovely. Plus, everyone had t-shirts, with logos designed by Re-readers Deana Whitney, aka braid_tug, and Sharon Eiben, aka sulin:

Are those not amazing? The headdesking icon is my favorite.

And, there were even a couple of things specially made for me! 

People, they even made a banner:

And then they let me pretend I was someone actually important, and had me sign their shirts:

[Pictures mostly courtesy of Re-reader Tricia Grant Irish, aka Tektonica.]

So basically if you don’t think I have the coolest group of commenters ever here on, you are wrong. I am so privileged that these folks exist, I can’t even tell you.

If you want to get your own Re-read swag, by the way, go here. All proceeds from the sales go to the Mayo Clinic for amyloidosis research, which is the official charity of JordanCon and a really excellent cause.

And this is just the beginning! Watch this space for Much Much More JordanCon to come!


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