Gaming Roundup: Ron Gilbert Envisions a New Monkey Island


Most fans of 90s gaming are well acquainted with developer LucasArts’ (technically known as Lucasfilm Games at the time) early adventure gaming classics: The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. This week, Ron Gilbert, creator of the Monkey Island-verse, opened up on his blog, Grumpy Gamer, about what he would like to do if he were ever to make another Monkey Island game—mandatory reading for gamers pining for the company of Guybrush Threepwood and the Ghost Pirate LeChuck.

While Gilbert makes it clear right off the bat that nothing is in the works in terms of his involvement with another Monkey Island game and there are no plans for that to change in the immediate future, he goes on to muse about a mental checklist detailing what he personally would like to do with the franchise, were it in his hands once more. His wishlist includes gaining ownership of the IP and allowing fans to create their own non-canon spinoffs without worry of legal repercussion, which is notable in its nobility in and of itself. With regard to the game, he envisions (among many other things) a fully voice-acted, retro “enhanced low-res” approach that picks up right where Monkey Island 2 left off—thereby rendering any current Monkey Island tales after that point non-canon. For fans of the game or gaming history in general, his musings are worth a read. And if you’re really craving a return visit to Monkey Island, Steam has you covered with the fully remastered versions of the first two games.

New Monkey Island game

In other gaming news this week, Injustice: Gods Among Us launched, PAX Prime sold out, and Bioshock Infinite ruffles religious feathers. Read on!

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