Do New Set Photos Confirm Which 10th Doctor Will Appear in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary?

Fresh from David Tennant’s blog, let’s all enjoy this brand new set photo of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in costume in front of the TARDIS!

But whose TARDIS is it? And which version of the Tenth Doctor is it? Continue below for a bigger picture, a dejected Zygon, and some speculation on the details within.

Possible spoilers ahead, of course.

Here’s what this picture tells us:

  • Both of these guys are absurdly handsome. (Okay, we knew that.)
  • This is the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS. Darker blue, different sized windows, no St. John’s insignia.
  • We’re probably dealing with the regular Tenth Doctor, and not clone/hand Tenth Doctor from the alternate universe. Our Doctor departed in the brown suit while Clone Doctor was left with the blue suit.
  • Although Clone Doctor would have gotten a brown suit, as well….
  • There’s a Zygon walking away in the background and it looks so sad and dejected! It was probably trying to make friends with the Doctors and they just weren’t having it.
  • The person walking with the Zygon sort of looks like they might be in a Third Doctor/Jon Pertwee outfit? (This is wild speculation.)

What do you think? 


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