Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster is the Best Episode VII Pitch We’ve Heard So Far has already touched upon 30 Rock’s geekiest moments, but who knew that Parks and Recreation could give its fellow sitcom such a run for its money? Uber-nerd Patton Oswalt guest-stars on this Thursday’s episode and this deleted scene proves why he’s so beloved among his fellow geeks. Listen to him launch into an eight-minute filibuster speech detailing his dream plotline for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Not only is it a really solid pitch for the prequels, but it’s 100% improvised.

Oswalt’s character Garth seems to serve the singular purpose of pissing off Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) with his citizen’s filibuster. But as the crawl in the beginning of this video explains, when the director told Oswalt to just start improvising, his ramble transformed into a brilliant blend of geekery and comedy.

His love for the series is so clear, with his adherence to canonical details and his own personal hopes for little visual moments, like General Luke Skywalker training Padawans using Darth Vader’s lightsaber. But then things start to get downright insane when he brings in Thanos (yes!) and Tony Stark (just wait) and Leia’s having an affair with who?!

Time ribbons and Robot!Chewbacca for the win. How none of the extras cracked up during this continuous take is beyond me. #treatyoself to this eight-minute timewaster, because it will remind you of the pure joy of being a geek and the promise of Episode VII. Whatever the plot actually winds up being.

[via io9]

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