Disney Reveals New Star Wars Movies Will Get the Avengers Treatment

Disney has announced at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that there will be a Star Wars movie once a year beginning in 2015 with Star Wars Episode VII.

The years in between the main movie installments in the next trilogy will see the release of standalone Star Wars movies focusing on other characters and settings. The timing and structure of the forthcoming Star Wars movies will take advantage of the rampant success Disney and Marvel Studios have achieved in adapting the Marvel Comics Avengers universe into movie form.

Over-exposure and lackluster stores were a significant factor in driving the Star Wars franchise into the ground in the early 2000s. Might we see history repeat itself here? It’s doubtful that the original cast will come back for 6 years’ worth of films. Does this mean the new movies will take place after they’ve died?

Disney paid over $4 billion for the franchise, do they now have no choice but to pump out Star Wars movies in order to make that money back? Are these tears on our faces? These might be tears.


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