Huge Reveal in Final Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

There’s a new, very big, reveal in this recently released final trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness.

We did not see this coming. Seriously. Watch the trailer and take a look at the screenshot of what we mean. Possible spoilers ahead.


Now that we’re all good and excited… what is this?

Star Trek Into Darkness trailer huge reveal

It looks like the Enterprise-E, except the nacelles are wrong and also that’s crazy. Is it a Mirror Universe version of the reboot Enterprise? Is it some sort of secret Starfleet dreadnaught-class type ship that Cumberbatch’s character stole away? Is the name of this ship possibly… S.S. Botany Bay?

Theorize with us below.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby can tell you that it is not that ship, that’s for sure.


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