Morning Roundup: Jurassic Park Dino Sounds are Really Tortoises Having Sex

In this eye-opening article over on Vulture, a sound designer for Jurassic Park reveals that the barking sound made by the raptors is really tortoise sex and the raptor screams come from dolphin sex. The gallimimuses are sounds made by horses in heat. The only g-rated noise is that of the T-Rex, which is really is the sound of a baby elephant slowed down. Here’s the article.

Now that you know that, you can check out all your offsite links with dino noises running through your head. Links include news on District 10, why Dracula was present at the birth the universe and more.

Jurassic Park 

  • Recreating Jurassic Park for Minecraft apparently took four years. Check it out here.

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