Gaming Roundup: Will Next-Gen Consoles Usher in the $70 Video Game?


Lost in the furor of Sony’s PS4 launch, Microsoft’s potential Xbox 720 launch, Valve entering the console market, and the long shadow of Apple looming over all, is speculation that next-gen console games may in fact come with a next-gen price, setting the standard video game launch pricepoint at $69.99—a hefty 17% hike over the current launch pricepoint of $59.99. Thus far, industry leaders have avoided discussing specifics in terms of pinpointing future prices, but this evasiveness may in and of itself be cause for concern.

IGN amplified the signal earlier this week, when Geoff Keighley of Spike and GameTrailers tweeted from SXSW that industry analyst Michael Pachter was forecasting that next-gen console games, namely those put out by Sony and Microsoft, were very likely to launch at a $70 pricepoint. IGN took the further step of reaching out to both Sony and Pachter for further comment, but has yet to hear back from either. Sony’s silence, especially, could mean any number of things—they may deem Pachter’s comments as ridiculous and unworthy of response (as many current IGN commenters seem to) or it could be indicative of an element of truth to the rumor.

It may be presumptuous to discuss the ramifications of such a price hike on gamers as a whole at this early juncture, but hey, this is the internet. Presumptuousness is what we do best. So we turn it over to you, dear reader. How would you respond to a $70 launch price for next-gen console games? Would you buy fewer games than before? Boycott in protest? Or continue gaming, unaffected? Let us know below.

In other gaming news this week, Lord British returns to the RPG scene, Planescape: Torment gets a sequel-in-spirit, and the community asks: where have all the good dinosaur games gone? Read on!

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