Revealing the Cover to New Madeline Ashby Novel iD is excited to reveal the cover to iD, Madeline Ashby’s upcoming sequel to vN: The First Machine Dynasty, out on June 25 from Angry Robot Books.

iD: The Second Machine Dynasty follows Javier, a self-replicating humanoid on a journey of redemption. His quest takes him from Amy’s island, where his actions have devastating consequences for his friend, toward Mecha where he will find either salvation… or death.

See the full cover by artist Martin Bland below and read Ashby’s thoughts on the construction.

Madeline Ashby on the cover: “I had a few requests for the cover of iD. First, I wanted Javier to feature prominently, since he’s the hero of this book. Second, I wanted the cover to emulate the cover of vN; I wanted the two books to look related, because they are. Also, weirdly, it was very important to me that Javier not have any facial hair. The first iteration (see what I did there?) of the cover gave him some sexy Dean Winchester-like stubble, but sadly the vN can’t grow facial hair, so it had to go. C’est la vie. I’m very pleased with this cover—I love how warm it is, and the contrast between soft and hard elements. It’s wonderful to meet Javier in person.”

Visit cover artist Martin Bland’s site at



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