George Lucas’s New Art Museum Will Celebrate Idealistic American Art

George Lucas’s latest project isn’t a film or a TV show—this time it’s an art museum. In this new segment for CBS, Lucas talks extensively about his impressive art collection and the kinds of pieces which have inspired his own work. Specifically, Lucas points out that good illustrations have to “tell a story,” and relatively quickly, too! Furthermore, when confronted with the idea that his taste in classic artists like Maxfield Parrish or Norman Rockwell isn’t “edgy,” Lucas replies that you either see the world through “cynical eyes or idealistic eyes”—clearly, he prefers the more idealistic approach.

Lucas is now putting his personal collection on public display and hopes to build his new art museum near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, where it will house the massive personal collection of classic American art—Lucas has enough original pieces in his personal art collection to have new exhibits every six months for the next six years. Watch the whole interview segment on CBS here.


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