Dear Readers, Help Us Redesign the Site

Here at, we’re readying for an eventual nuts-and-bolts redesign of our site—but don’t panic, we want your input first! Listed below are a few questions we have about your user experience, and the technical ways you navigate Please feel free to list other suggestions, concerns, and questions, in addition to the topics below. Again, right now we’re concentrating on technical issues here, not content, so let’s stick to discussing what works, and what we can make better, in terms of site design!

Okay, here goes:

  1. Do you sign in when you visit
  2. How do you use bookmarks?
  3. If you use your profile, which features do you enjoy the most? Which features could go?
  4. Do you subscribe to comment threads?
  5. How do you find our site: by loading our homepage directly, via our newsletter, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media/other websites?
  6. Do article tags and series indexes help you locate exactly what you’re looking for?
  7. Do you find the sidebar features, like “Latest Comments,” useful? If so, which ones?

Thanks again for your help and suggestions! We’ll see you in the comments….


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