Ichabod Crane Will Be a Time Traveling Detective in New Sleepy Hollow

The most iconic gaunt character of them all—Ichabod Crane—will travel through time from the 18th century to the current day Sleepy Hollow in the forthcoming Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman-penned TV show Sleepy Hollow. Once in the present day, Crane will work as an attendant at a pony petting zoo a detective, undoubtedly using his rich understanding of candle wax, the ongoing war against Britain, and typhoid to solve the mystery of where we forgot our iPhone this time. Though Ichabod himself has yet to be cast, the show will feature Orlando Jones of Evolution and Katia Winter of Dexter

We think Ichabod should be played either by Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant, because really we just miss them and would love to see them solving present-day crimes involving scary horses and/or drive-by-pumpkinings.

[News via Blastr]


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