Gaming Roundup: Sony Reveals the PlayStation 4


Let the rumors and speculations come to an end. In a spectacular and lengthy press conference last night, Sony finally unveiled the PlayStation 4 live in New York, and revealed that their next-gen console will be released in time for the 2013 holiday season. In addition to confirming the speculated hardware specifications (which essentially give it the graphical and processing power of a high-end gaming PC) and the console’s increased emphasis on social networking, Sony announced a few of the major titles that will be coming to the PS4 at or shortly after launch.

A number of high-profile games are set to launch for the PS4, the most promsing of which we deem to be Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, an impressive open-world hack-heavy endeavor set in Chicago Future that first debuted in spectacular fashion at E3 last year. Ubisoft’s PS4 launch video showcases the detailed city streets and open-world possibilities, narrated in a delightful French-Canadian accent by a member of the developer’s Montreal branch.

Blizzard raised a few eyebrows by making a surprise appearance at the conference, announcing the PC-centric company’s return to consoles in the form of Diablo III. While it has been rumored for years that Blizzard was experimenting with bringing the Diablo universe to consoles, the official news still came as a surprise to many. While it may be a case of too little, too late for Diablo III, specifically, the move opens up new possibilities for Blizzard with respect to their direction with future games.

Additionally, Bungie’s big post-Halo project, Destiny, was announced as a PS4 title. This announcement comes on the heels of Bungie’s official game reveal earlier in the week—a topic this column will delve deeper into next week. 

Other significant games confirmed for the PS4 include new offerings in the Final Fantasy, Infamous, and Killzone series. Rumored games (as yet unconfirmed) include such titles as Cyberpunk 2077, GTA V, The Last Guardian, and new projects from developers Naughty Dog and Bethesda.

With respect to price, Kotaku has reportedly outed the launch price points for the PS4—at $429 and $549, respectively. Oh, PS4. We will see you in a year after your inevitable $100 price drop.

In other gaming news this week, The Last of Us is delayed, System Shock 2 is available for purchase again, and the industry is hit by a couple of rounds of layoffs. Read on….

  • Sony and Naughty Dog have announced that The Last of Us has been delayed until June 14, so eager gamers will have to wait just a bit longer to experience Joel and Ellie’s journey. In the meantime, check out our previews to tide you over.
  • The Last Guardian appears to be a bit closer to release, and no, Hell has not yet frozen over, last we checked. Creative director Fumito Ueda mentioned on his website last week that gamers should stay tuned for an official announcement from Sony down the road. The next project from the creators of Shadow of the Colossus has been eagerly anticipated for years, but hardware limitations proved problematic to creative vision—interestingly enough, this news breaks shortly after the announcement of the PS4. IGN speculates that The Last Guardian might end up becoming a launch title to showcase Sony’s next-gen console.

  • In the kind of gaming news we’d rather not have to discuss, Valve appears to have been hit with a round of layoffs, as reportedly around 25 employees have been released. No reasons have been given, but Valve co-founder Gabe Newell has stated that no projects have been affected.
  • In similarly unfortunate news, Activision was also hit by layoffs this week.
  • finally managed to secure the rights for System Shock 2 last week, serving up the game on their site for a wallet-friendly $9.99 in a package fully compatible with fan-released mods and high-res packs. Any dedicated 90s PC gamer should remember the iconic nature of this genre classic, and if you’re unaware, well… you owe it to yourself to play one of the all-time greats. Next on our list of games we eagerly await from GOG… No One Lives Forever and Grim Fandango.

If there are games you’d like us to cover or blogs you think we should be following for more news, please let us know @tdelucci or @pritpaulbains.


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