Morning Roundup: The Tron Prom Dress Will Derez Your Bad Memories of Prom

For many of us, prom was probably a little like the light-cycle scenes in Tron and Tron: Legacy; full of bright lights, a race careening towards a destination we don’t understand, and somehow all of it was unreal/really a dream. But now you could reclaim those memories by wearing the Tron Prom Dress. (We know this thing isn’t new, but we really, really love it. Look at more pictures here. Also, one staffer may or may not have threatened to shave his beard and wear make-up if someone bought him the Tron Prom Dress.)

Your daily offsite links are so off-the-grid, man. Highlights include.

  1. Hoverboards still don’t work on water. Unless you got power. Or Ebay.
  2. What Lawrence Kasdan has to say about writing Never Been Kissed 2 Star Wars stand-alones.
  3. Is Downton Abbey like The Walking Dead?

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby has a Tron-mode which looks beautiful.


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