Skeletal Remains of Richard III Confirmed to be Richard III Because of Science

My kingdom for a parking lot! Last September English archaeologists found a skeleton under a Leicester parking lot which they suspected to be the remains of the infamous monarch Richard III. And now, through use of DNA testing, they have indeed confirmed that this skeleton is Richard III.

How did they do it? You’d probably guess that they tested the DNA of Richard the 500th (or something) to see if it matched with the skeleton. And you’d be (kind of) right!

Lead geneticist Turi King held a news conference in Leicester today and revealed that DNA from the skeleton was cross-referenced with two DNA samples from modern-day descendants of Richard III. “We knew then, beyond reasonable doubt, that this was Richard III,” he said. “We’re certain now, as certain as you can be of anything in life.”

No word yet as to whether this will have any impact on Anti-Stratfordians who think Shakespeare is a hoax and was actually either Marlowe, four different people, or a shapeshifting lizard from space.

[News via The New York Times]

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