Neil Gaiman is Writing Stories With His Fans TODAY, Including You

Ever wanted to inspire Neil Gaiman? Today’s the day! The author has teamed up with BlackBerry to kick off “A Calendar of Tales,” a collaborative project where once an hour Gaiman provides a story prompt on Twitter based on a month, then chooses which response he wants to write a story about.

The prompts come at the top of the hour, between noon and midnight EST. When you see it, just tweet your response and include the #keepmoving hashtag.

After today, Gaiman will develop a collection of twelve tales from your ideas and then invite you to submit illustrations, choosing his favourite for each tale. This collection will transform into an amazing calendar showcasing your illustrations beside Neil’s stories.

More explanation is available in the below video (which you will have to watch twice if you’re like us because PUPPY!) and on BlackBerry’s Keep Moving site.

The collaboration has already begun! For January, Neil asked “Why is January so dangerous?” and received, and we quote, “a surfeit of ideas.”

Have fun! Try not to forget us when you’re best friends with Neil Gaiman.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby once co-wrote a story with a living planet, but couldn’t keep collaborating because it was all Ego.


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