A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light Tour Report Open Thread

The tour for A Memory of Light begins in earnest in February, so we’re starting up an open thread for fans to post tour reports! (Here’s the full A Memory of Light tour date list.)

If you can’t be there in person, a tour report is next best thing, especially if someone manages to get Brandon, Harriet, or Team WoT to answer a long-lingering question! Post your report in the comment thread below. As the tour continues, we’ll be updating this post with direct links to reports on specific days, that way you won’t have to scan through hundreds of comments to see the information you’re looking for.

Have fun! Check out a list of questions Brandon has already answered. Beware of spoilers and RAFOs!

January 6, San Diego, CA (via Freelancer)

An additional San Diego report (via Insectoid)

January 7, Huntington Beach, CA (via davidgiven)

January 11, Lexington, KY (via Ways)

February 9, San Francisco, CA (via KiManiak)

February 12, Seattle, WA (via billiam)

A transcription of the Seattle Q&A, and Part 2 (via WetlanderNW)

February 19, Philadelphia, PA (via AndrewB)


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