Sometimes It’s Better When Things are Wrong

We are no strangers to digging deeply into the sci-fi/fantasy that we love, but sometimes we feel the need to step back and revel in the silliness that loving this stuff affords us.

Troll Quotes provides a particularly hilarious answer to that precise need. A blog that collects willfully misattributed images and quotes, Troll Quotes is often good for a daily chuckle. And sometimes it offers a mash-up so gloriously incorrect that it becomes something we wish we’d actually seen on screen. (Or read in a book.)

Just imagine how much better Attack of the Clones would have been if Padme was both an empath and able to do awesome flips while taking people out. (“Anakin, I sense…you are going to become a huge jerk in like one hour.” And then: “AYIYIYIYIYIY!!”  

[Check out this link from Blastr for a best-of from Troll Quotes]


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