Steampunk Events for January 2013

After you’ve survived the holiday revelries of 2012 (and one apocalypse false alarm… for now), is it too soon to start off 2013 with even more chronologically-askew entertainments? Attend a voyage into the past-that-never-was onboard The Queen Mary. Delve into a delectable brunch at the steampunk-esque diner in Newton, MA, or purview the artistic creations of international artists in Barcelona. Accompanying myself and Kevin Steil the Airship Ambassador this month is Jeff Mach, the infamous bearded and bespectacled gentleman behind steampunk events such as Steampunk World’s Fair and the Anachronism.

Anyone we have missed out are welcome to shout-out their event in the comments.  Folks interested in having their event featured for February can drop me a line at [email protected] with the details by January 15th.


Kevin recommends

Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium – January 11 – 13, 2013 –  Long Beach, CA

From their website: “Her Royal Highness, Queen Victoria, would like to invite all subjects of the Realm (Past, Present and Future) to a public Symposium of the latest Steam Inventions and Contraptions by some of the Finest Minds around the World. Food, Magic, Merriment, Musicians and The Queen’s Masquerade Ball promise Fun for All.” Featured guests include the Court of Steam, Three Blue Beard, DJ Vivid, the cast of Mantecoza; authors Cherie Priest, O.M. Grey, David Lee Summers, and Phil and Kaja Foglio; and musicians Unwoman, Lee Presson and the Nails, Cirque Noir, 6 String Samurai, and Hello the Future.

Edwardian Ball 2013 –  January 18-19 – San Francisco, CA

From the website: “An elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author Edward Gorey. Set in our own version of ‘Edwardian’ times, this multi-media extravaganza has grown over the past decade from a small underground club night into an internationally recognized event, now operating with the blessing of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.

A Steampunk and Viennese Masked Ball presented by – January 1, 2 – 7 PM –  San Diego Symphony at Copley Hall in San Diego, CA

FREE EVENT. A magnificent re-creation of Vienna including dancing to the music of the famous Strauss Family waltzes, polkas and operettas, played by the Strauss Symphony of America and conducted by Andreas Mitisek. Free to all costumed attendees of all ages and time zones with your RSVP:  [email protected]


Jeff recommends:

The Gray Ball “A Gathering of Aesthete Chrononauts” – January 18-19, 6 PM – 11 PM – San Antonio

Why Jeff recommends this: Mr. Saturday and Sixpence has teamed up with Dorian Gray, who has jauntily vaulted out of the pages of literature and into Semi-Real Life to put together something called ‘The Gray Ball.’ The Gray Ball is being held in an extraordinarily swanky-looking Spanish Governor’s Palace, which was, apparently originally the Palace of the Spanish Governor, back when Texas was owned by Spain. There’s a fantastic ball, with an assortment of colorful and enticing entertainers—and a plot interwoven with the entire event, centered around the doings of Mr. Dorian Gray. If I had a TARDIS, I’d immediately take it to the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe…but after I did that, I’d use it to cross the country and hit up The Gray Ball. Featured guests include The Gin Rebellion, Fein and Dandee, Darwin Prophet, DJ Fact.50,and David Antunes as Dorian Gray.

The Deluxe Station Diner – Weekend brunches, year-round – Newton, MA

Why Jeff recommends this: The Deluxe Station Diner has a new winter menu AND is serving brunch on Saturdays and Sundays all throughout January. There’ve been more than a few articles written on the fantastic steampunk ambience of this particular restaurant, and I won’t repeat what you’ve likely already heard.  I will, however, say that one of the things I most appreciate is the way they’ve merged the train station theme (being at, in fact, a train hub)—with a traditional diner theme, and wrapped it up in a lovely steampunk package.

The Waysties, Painless Parker and Baroque & Hungry at The Way Station – January 17, 2013 — Brooklyn, NY

Why Jeff recommends this: Finally, local steampunk/Doctor Who haven The Way Station, that great Brooklyn landmark, is drawing me out of my comfortable Jersey home and across a series of frightening bridges for a night of sophisticated musical elegance, by which I mean ‘Drunken Shenanigans.’ Leading off is Painless Parker, who’s like some sort of inebriated bard from ancient times, assuming said inebriated bards were Israeli-Canadian and played—I’m going to steal his tagline—‘a mixed bag of country laments, sea shanties, murder ballads and classic rockers, filtered through a grimy, whiskey-stained punk lens.’ That’s followed by Baroque & Hungry, a band whose average show is like getting caught on a steampunk expedition to The Dimension Of Particularly Boisterous Saint Patrick’s Day. Finally, there’ll be The Wasties, a sort-of folk-rock-Celtic supergroup (and by ‘supergroup,’ I mean ‘apparently, talented musicians hanging around The Way Station in the hopes that someone will offer them free drinks to play music).’”


About out guest contributor: Jeff Mach is an American playwright, musician, and founder of Widdershins, LLC, which organizes and promotes a series of events and fair called “Wicked Events”, including Wicked Faire, the Steampunk World’s Fair, the Anachronism, and other steampunk, science fiction, and fantasy events.


Additional Events from Around the World

Ethereal Exhibition at the Wauregan Gallery – January 4th – Norwich, CT

From their FB event page: “The Wauregan gallery in Norwich CT has been generous to allow the most eclectic of collaborative steampunk art shows. During the first Friday of the Norwich art celebration the Wauregan gallery will showcase a variety of artists ranging from the professional to the hobbyist. This show has been moving from gallery to gallery in the New England area and now has found itself in Norwich, CT.”

Steampunk Expo MIBA (Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona) – Now until May 2013 –  Barcelona, Spain

Steampunk: The futures that Never Were is “a tour through different pieces, inventions and pictures that will introduce us to Steampunk and that will help us to understand the concepts of this retrofuturist movement a little bit more.” Featuring the work of 11 different artists from Spain, the United States, and Russia.

Ay-leen the Peacemaker is the founding editor of the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana, writes academic things, and tweets.

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