Geeky Gingerbread For Your Holiday Needs

See that? It’s over. Everyone hang up your aprons. We can never hope to attain the skills necessary to create this gingerbread Minas Tirith, so we might as well call it a day and let the real professionals get to it.

Still, since we’re here, you might as well look at some more mind-boggling genre gingerbread to get you revved up for some holiday cheer!

It’s Flynn’s Arcade from Tron. The billboard sort of makes it, don’t you think?


Gingerbread Luke Skywalker has likely already thrown a bomb up into this AT-AT judging by his big smiley face, so we’d suggest standing back before it explodes.


This dragon… clearly magically constructed itself from the ashes of some other gingerbready structure. That is the only explanation for it’s impossible shape.


And the Burrow, home of everyone’s favorite wizarding family, the Weasleys. Look at all the levels! The roof shingles! The sweaters!


If you want more gingerbread goodness, the rest can be found on Buzzfeed!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot, and has a tiny gingerbread crew that fixes things the humans can’t get to.


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