Download the First Part of Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World

“Robert Jordan has come to dominate the
world that Tolkien began to reveal.”

– New York Times


One day a wizard arrives in your sleepy village and insists you are to save the world. It’s a familiar tale, to be sure.

Now imagine that artful tale as it takes you through a world of astounding depth and detail, one that expands the boundaries of fantasy established by The Lord of the Rings, one that involves the hopes and fears of an entire world.

This is the tale of The Wheel of Time, created by Robert Jordan. It is an epic for our time.

And it all begins in the first book, The Eye of the World. Download the first portion right now:

.mobi (for Kindle)

ePub (Nook, iBooks, KoBo, Sony)


The final book in the series, A Memory of Light, the climactic end of a decades-long journey, hits shelves on January 8th.

Catch co-author Brandon Sanderson and Jordan’s editor Harriet McDougal on tour in January and February 2013 for A Memory of Light.

Learn all about The Wheel of Time on


Fantasy authors Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, and more discuss the enormous impact of The Wheel of Time:



Catch co-author Brandon Sanderson and Jordan’s editor and widow Harriet McDougal on tour for A Memory of Light:

1/8/13: Provo, UT
The BYU Bookstore @Midnight (With Harriet McDougal)

1/8/13: Minneapolis (Roseville), MN
Barnes & Noble @ 7pm (With Harriet McDougal)

1/9/13: Chicago (Skokie), IL
Barnes & Noble @ 7pm (With Harriet McDougal)   

1/10/13: Dayton, OH
Books & Co @ 7pm (With Harriet McDougal)

1/11/13: Lexington, KY
Joseph-Beth Booksellers @ 7pm (With Harriet McDougal)

1/12/13: Charleston, SC
Barnes & Noble @ 2pm. Signing located off-site at Addlestone Library / College of Charleston (With Harriet McDougal)

2/1/13: Salt Lake City, UT
Weller Book Works @ 7pm

2/6/13: San Diego, CA
Mysterious Galaxy @ 7pm 

2/7/13: Los Angeles (Huntington Beach), CA
Barnes & Noble @7pm 

2/8/13: Sacramento (Citrus Heights), CA
Barnes & Noble @ 7pm 

2/9/13: San Francisco, CA
Borderlands @ 3pm 

2/11/13: Portland, OR
Powell’s (Beaverton store) @ 7pm

2/12/13: Seattle, WA
University Books @ 7pm (off-site; University Temple United Methodist Church)

2/16/13: Milford, NH
The Toadstool Bookshop @ 2pm (off-site; The Amato Center for the Performing Arts)

2/18/13: Baltimore (Hanover), MD
 Books-A-Million @ 7pm (With Harriet McDougal)

2/19/13: Philadelphia, PA
Free Library @ 7:30pm (With Harriet McDougal)

2/20/13: Raleigh, NC
Quail Ridge Books @ 7:30pm (With Harriet McDougal)

2/21/13: Atlanta, (Norcross), GA
Eagle Eye Books @ 7:15pm (off-site; Norcross Cultural Arts Center in conjunction with the Gwinnett County Library system) (With Harriet McDougal)

2/22/13: Birmingham, AL
Books-A-Million @ 7pm (With Harriet McDougal)



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